August 23, 2019
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Are you reluctant to pull out your ideas? You think you’d be bereft of them if you do. Or that the ideas are not even worth a dime.

Listen here, I want you to know that your reluctance to bring out your ideas will impede many other great ones from surfacing.

And that idea you conceptualized as unworthy might just be what the world awaits.

Bringing out your ideas will not decrease your intellect. Instead, you’ll gain more by doing so. When you let out that idea of using social media to communicate your brand or that simple idea that you think is irrelevant, one or all these four things will happen:

  1. More beautiful ideas will flow into your brain
  2. You would be a master of that idea you expunged, and you’d be able to develop more on it.
  3. You’d set a pace for yourself to do better subsequently.
  4. You’d be able to think broader and wider, and, thus, expand your scope.

Holding on to your only idea means you have only one idea in your whole life. It also translates to you not having confidence in yourself.

Light, Bulb, Electric, Electric Bulb

Think of when you eat. You realize that you have to chew and swallow one food before taking in another. Such is the similitude of bringing out your idea—you’d be able to get another when you make the existing one surface.

If you, however, decide to close your mouth to what’s inside it. What’d you get? Of course, you’d not be able to take in more food.

Imagine if great technological innovators did not bring out their ideas. How would they have expanded those innovations?

Do not belittle your thoughts. Allah has made it capable. Let it break free of old ideas and move on to developing more.

A Little Exception

Sometimes, however, there may be the need to save your best points for a more suitable time. If you think that bringing out your ideas at the present time may be a waste, then do something at least: write them down.

After you’ve written down your ideas, try to evade your thoughts from them. Move on to think further about what’s next.

Make sure you give yourself a room to expand. Do not underestimate yourself. Let your mind expand to think further about how to move ahead. Dish out what you have, more will come insha’Allah.

Bashir Oyetunji

Bashir Oyetunji is a writer who loves to tell stories & share experiences that’d impart minds and souls. He specializes in crafting sweet contents for your needs among other things. Some of his inks are splashed at


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