August 23, 2019
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I can’t know this subject. This language is too difficult for me to learn. I just can’t master this work!

You not only say these every time but you also make the feelings of these words overcome you in the course of your works. Afterward, you give up and stop learning.

Oh no! You know what you’ve been doing? You’ve been giving chance to a thief to steal your important life process which is learning.

In the course of learning, there is one very important recipe you need.

That recipe is time.

Even though the importance of time in learning will be discussed here, you, however, not only need this recipe in the course of learning but also need it in your whole life processes.

Journeying Through Learning

As a student of knowledge, you’ll encounter some challenges in the course of learning. One of the challenges you’ll face will be the ardor in the course of learning. You’ll get bored. You’ll try to memorize but they’ll fly off.

These feelings are normal at the start. If you ask any scholar, I’m almost sure that they’d tell you they didn’t find it all fun at the initial stage as well.

They persevered, went through hardship, experienced headaches, pains, and burned midnight candles. In the end, they were favored by Allah to be who they are.

So, if you want to be like them, you also have to persevere and give yourself some time. Pray to Allah for beneficial knowledge, then keep on working even if it seems you’re not getting it.

Being in a haste too much will dampen your morale. It will make you feel like you’re not getting what you’re learning. Ultimately, it’ll make you want to stop.

Time, Time Management, Stopwatch

A Piece Of Advice

Whenever you’re being pulled down by a block, try to relax, then try again, then relax, then try again, and continue till you know it. Pray always for Allah’s ease through your tasks.

Also, never be pompous with whatever knowledge you’re gifted with. Know always that it is Allah’s favor on you.

Learning, of course, is not easy. You’ll need to read and memorize. Do not despair. Do not think you cannot know. Essentially, give yourself some time, you need it.

One more thing. Do not learn for money alone. Make the will to know be your greatest priority.

Happy learning!

Bashir Oyetunji

Bashir Oyetunji is a writer who loves to tell stories & share experiences that’d impart minds and souls. He specializes in crafting sweet contents for your needs among other things. Some of his inks are splashed at


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