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Your loved ones might unexpectedly get on your nerves.

This is an occurrence that happens sometimes in the course of living.

Whenever this happens, know that the time for unexpected surprises has come.

You might feel depressed, sad, or even cry whenever these occur and you’re okay to feel that way.

Why? That’s because you’re human so, it’s normal that you should be moved by such reactions.

But there’s one important fact. For you to successfully live this life, you need to learn how to get a grip of yourself when your loved ones offend you.

To sail this world without eventually committing suicide, you need your armor at all times. And that is the armor for emotional battle.

When people you don’t expect to offend you do, ensure you do not allow two things to happen:

  1. Don’t Revert To Being The Offender

Yes, you mustn’t allow yourself to become the one who would be blamed whereas you are the one who’s being offended.

This would happen when you overreact.

Overreacting to any hurt you encounter will make any mediator forget the error of the person who offended you. Your reaction might even override the hurt and you’d be blamed instead. So, you need to be calm and patient.

Always try not to react in a way that will make the offender pull all the blame at you. Here, you should wear the armor of resistance, perseverance, and patience. Express yourself in a way that will convince the offending party or any mediator involved of your feelings and then stop at that. Avoid going to the extreme.

  1. Don’t Get Consumed By The Thought Of What Occurred

Do not allow yourself to be emotionally thrown away by the thought of the unpleasant reaction you encountered. Yes, you’re human and have a heart in you which is prone to be touched by events. However, do not lose control of yourself whenever your feeling is touched. In essence, ensure not to make the thought of the event a lasting one in you.

Don’t allow the effect of the event to manifest in form of worry or anxiety as these have physiological effects that can harm you.

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Some Ways To Stay Immune Of Thoughts Of An Occurrence

Here are some things you could do in order to stay safe of getting consumed by unexpected reactions.

  • Believe In Qadar (Predestination)

Believe that whatever happens or will happen has been written and couldn’t have been stopped. So, know that a disappointment is not the end of life and that you must move on in life.

  • Surround Yourself With Pious And Lively People

You could also shun disappointment by playing out with your fellow brothers or sisters. Sometimes, it would be possible to share whatever happens and such people will, in turn, share their experience on it.

Other times, you wouldn’t share the occurrence but only revel in the companionship of those people and this, I think, is the best because people give bad advice.

  • Do Activities That You Love

There are tons of good books to read. Find one and read whenever you face disappointments. Reading takes you further than you could imagine. It might take you from your cubicle to a very far place, and you’d see yourself laughing like never before.

Also, you could do other activities you enjoy. It might be designing, repairing things, writing, or watching.

  • Take Some Walk

You could also take a walk and see the green land, the blue sky, the rivers, or the beautiful nature. Inspiration could even come to you from there.

  • Pray Or Recite The Qur’an

There is this special, subconscious relieve you’d find when you raise your hand in salat or in supplication to Allah. You’ll feel relieved and confident to move on.

Also, one powerful antidote to your hurt is to recite some verses of the Qur’an. Apart from the special relieve you’ll feel with the recitation, you’ll also gain a lot from reflecting on the meaning of the recitation.

A Point To Note

Do not totally delete your friendship with whoever disappoints you. In fact, you should hope that someday you would regain your friendship with the one who disappointed you.

Sometimes, the exit of someone in your life is a blessing. Perhaps, it may open your face to new things or challenge you to go further in your intellect or reasoning. It could just be anything. So, ensure to be patient and hopeful for a reunion.

In the end, one way to stay clear of an emotional strike is to know that humans are bound to err and may be unstable. They could get on your nerves or disappoint you anytime. And this is ditto for you too.

When people hurt you, know that their time has come. Just wave it off and be happy. Count any disappointment as an addition to your experience and a way to move on to a greater height.

Bashir Oyetunji

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